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What i need

This is where i need man at most! When my car's Tyre punctured.That means i need to change the tyre.Sigh.Wish i have strength as man does. This month alone the car had give me such problem..weak battery twice or maybe it was the fault of the owner who idly start the engine for weeks. Sometimes being too independent makes me tired. I need a person to do things for me.I need an escapade..no not Raya..raya is not an escapade nowadays Raya for me as an adult..(yeah, refer to my number of age) is no longer fun as it was before..Raya is time to make sure Kuih is on table and get drinks prepared for guest that coming and not to mention a lot of washing dishes will go on during that day.Despite all that, I still looking forward this coming Syawal coz we will enter new house.InsyaAllah. but it never make man less needed.I need man or even better..Husband =) (forgive me, it was my age, hormone n biological clock made me write this, I am cool independent lady actually)

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