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Trainwreck..keretapi berlanggar dengan Lori SHELL

credit to GarScott Methodius

my friend told me about the incident..terkejut juga la sebab ini laluan utama. Mana tau kebetulan sesiapa yang aku kenal berada di sana...cerita awal memang agak kabur..banyak rumours..sampai sekarang pun berkenaan pasal ada yang maut atau tidak....

Ingatkan these kind of incident only happens in movie tapi rupa-rupanya boleh berlaku dalam real life pulak....laluan yang selalu aku lalu pulak tu..laluan kalau dari beaufort ke KK....

Walaupun kebenaran tentang sebarang kematian bagi kejadian ni masih lagi misteri dan teka teki....apa yang penting sekarang ialah langkah pencegahan...we want safety!

pray for KK

Butter and Tiramisu

it has been a while since my last update on this page. well, im content with quite busy life recently.actually i purposely made myself busy so i would not have the time being alone and start missing someone,being angry like angry birds and start do something bad for health like...hm..hm..hm...u guess what =)

Life is so weird or is it me who is the weird one?have you ever feel where u know something is wrong and know what you suppose to do about it but then u didnt do the right thing and u keep doing mistakes..SAME MISTAKES instead..?? well, if u do, welcome to the club.LETS SHAKEHANDS and exchange smile~like i-know-what-you-feel-smile.

Its good to know im not alone!..

i got problems been bugging me the whole time..i cant spell them specifically here i mean the details atas sebab-sebab menjaga tatasusila orang sabah..haha..tapi lets call them BUTTER and TIRAMISU...errmmmmmmmm.....sounds yummy~

ok...BUTTER represent the problem of heart..being jealous and feel alone and wanna smack someones face. =|

"Your time is limited. So, dont waste it living someone else's life"...sound familiar?well quote it from my late uncle Steve Jobs.. its a fact where one can be such an inspirational person when they are dead.The death bring the bigger spotlight and deeper digger of one's life story. I start to make Steve Jobs as my idol right after i know his life story and how brilliant he was.brilliant people with right mind and never had an exception from mistakes and problem but he moved on and become 1 of the best human in our big home, EARTH...but having said that does not mean i already got APPLE product in my hands rite now..mahal =(

i know im wasting my time being jealous with others because they have what i didnt.i thought they are happy im not.they had superb life but mine is lame.how bad is that?...it sounds SO UNGRATEFUL AND IMMATURE.i know.its stupid to judge my life.punish myself AND feel sorry to myself for being me.pity myself while i had waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy tooooooooo muuuccccchhhhhhhhh to be grateful.

Now lets talk about TIRAMISU...my second dessert...TIRAMISU is something that will be 1 of the cruelest things i did to myself..its bad for health.im addicted to TIRAMISU.i was hardcore TIRAMISU-addict but time to time it becomes lesser and lesser...but the TIRAMISU is still there..it wont comes out easily.told u its bad for health so i feel sick after i had this TIRAMISU...sick of myself =)

i have become a major whiner..i complaint about this and that...and im a TIRAMISU-addicted...i can see..all this happened when i was all alone.until i got sooooooo muuuuuuuuchhhhhhh time to think about matters which i dont know are they deserve to have my thought.and i will be just fine if im busy till i skip meals and shower =p i should do that often!...no......not that skip meals and shower part...i mean being busy.so do u think i update this blog is a wasting time??? no its not~ its just to make myself busy.busy fingers.busy mind.but never busybody.HAHA!

p/s: some said only time will heal.but i dont have that much time.my time is limited.my idol said so.


Jom derma untuk Rumah Aman! =)

Disclaimer: This is sponsored post by TLC debit.Thank you TLC debit =)

Bila seorang muslim itu mati..ada 3 benda yang tidak terputus darinya sehingga hari kiamat…

1.doa anak yg soleh..

2.ilmu yang diamalkan ..

3. amal jariah semasa dia hidup..

Highlight yang no.3 tu yer kawan-kawan..cara nak beramal jariah ni banyak kawan2..derma sana derma sini…kali ni melalui nuffnang pun kita leh menderma…tak susah…click jer…just by 1 click…

Just by 1 click u can donate to Rumah Aman untuk penambahbaikan infrastruktur di sana.

All you have to do is;

- Log in to your Nuffnang account and head on over to http://www.nuffnang.com.my/tlc-2011/
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Copied from nuffnang page~

Seronok bila dapat buat benda baik…percayala…saya dah derma!..anda bila lagi… ingat kawan-kawan…ini pelaburan untuk di’sana’ .. =)


Nak buat kejutan!

Hari ni bufday my partner!..so i plan dengan dak2 asrama nak kasi surprise sama dia...

so here's our plan...nanti nak dekat2 jam 10pm...dua org dak form 6 akan wat kecoh...pura2 gaduh la macamtu...dijangkakan my partner ni akan kasi reaction baek punya...kitorang harapkan dia marah dak2 form 6 ni...haaaaaaa....masa tu...dak2 asrama yang lain akan berkumpul kecoh2....eventually, dak form 6 ni akan kuar line "Ko ingat aku nda pandai nyanyi kaa??"....dari situ bermula la semua nyanyi ramai2....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!...bersama2 kek yang dibawa keluar oleh student asrama....Cheese Cake yg aku buat semalam...ak harap xsakit perut depa...adei.....

Thats the idea for surprise birthday celebration...not party...besa2 ja....so, menjadi ka tak...sama2 kita tungguuuuuuuuu..........huhu!


Short Movie Review: The 3 Musketeers

Hye semua!ok,arini adalah Ladies days out kitorang!..walaupun cuma berdua tapi tetap joli sakan!...shopping,bowling,watching movie,karaoke..yes, we did them all!..haha...not to forget, we indulged ourselves with foods that can never be found in the place where we work at...macam lepas geram pulak kan...well, thats not what i want to share..the real business is movie review..The Three Musketeers!


Cita ni mengisahkan pasal D'artagnan yang bercita-cita nak ikut jejak bapanya menjadi seorang musketeer..so dia pon p la paris...di sana dalam satu insiden yang menarik, dia berjumpa dengan ketiga-tiga musketeers lagenda (aramis,porthos,athos) scara kebetulan...melalui insiden itu, terserlah ketangkasan D'artagnan. dan sejak itu dia menjadi geng pada 3 musketeers ni.Semasa insiden itu jugalah, D'artagnan jatuh hati pada Constance (cantik ooo), dayang kepada Queen of French Kingdom(saja kasi inggeris tang french kingdom..haha)..
Dipendekkan cerita,sesuatu kekalutan berlaku dalam Istana French Kingdom..lalu si Constance yang cantik ayu ini pergi mencari D'artagnan dan The 3 Musketeers untuk meminta bantuan demi menyelamatkan French Kingdom...persoalannya...apakah kekalutan yang dimaksudkan?dapatkah D'artagnan, Athos, Porthos dan Aramis menyelamatkan French Kingdom?..korang kena tengok sendiri =)

Porthos, Athos, Aramis, D'artagnan(he got sweet face)

Jalan cerita

I give 7/10! This movie fall in comedy-action category...so, there were few scenes made me laughed or atleast i think that is smart...because u watch the unexpected scene..especially the very last one...haa...kena tengok ni.haha

si cantik, constance

Barisan pelakon

For me, all the actors and actresses successfully bring the each of their character to live...fun to watch especially watching watak King Louis tu...annoying gila tapi he gives colours to the movie.haha..

Yang menarik perhatian aku?
  • Kecantikan Constance..sweet actress.
  • fesyen baju2 King Louis dan Duke of Buckingham...
  • Kain baju yang dipakai oleh watak Jussac macam kain songket kita..haha.
  • Orlando Bloom jadi watak jahat

very highly fashionable..tengok seluar King tu..haha!

Patut tengok kalau korang minat cita ala2 zaman dulu...dan ceritanya ringan, komedi dan bersemangat ada fight2 sket.My total rate: 6.9/10.
Last but not least...



I want to believe it.

I find it interesting and very true.I put it here for my self reference in future. Thats why i create this blog at the first place..all i can say...Thank you Steve for ur creative invention.Rest in peace...


Como esta?! Muy bien! =D

hye smua!ya i know Korean Pop a.k.a K-pop is a phenomenon these days...youngsters wanna dress up like one, make hair-do like one, dance like one, try hard to be cute like one or make an effort to learn the language,korean language.. but this time i beg to be differ....despite all this k-pop fever, i wanna talk about Espanol!..hehe...why out of sudden because in future i wanna go there!...hahaha....hey,lets learn some spanish word!...simple one! are u ready?....

Como esta?
How are u?

Muy Bien

tengo gripe/estoy malo
i'm having flu

tengo una amigo(male)/amiga(female)
i have male friend/women friend

Su nombre es..........
His/her name is.........



i have

tengo 24 aƱos y soy de malaysia
im 24 years old and im from malaysia

Now lets try!

tengo novio. su nombre es saiful aswad... =P could u figure out the meaning??

LIKE! if u r not spanish!hehe


ke mana menghilang?

Hye semua! baru balik dari kg ni~kalau korang dah serabut dengan masalah kerja...antara cara untuk huraikan keserabutan itu adalah..............BALIK KAMPUNG~kalau korang tinggal jauh dari family la kan....

so, aku pun membawa diri yang tidak berapa lara ni balik Kg.Lawa,Beaufort...jumpa ummi dan bapa..adik dan nenek...melawat saudara mara...what?..what??...bowling?tengok movie?...not so me...ceh!bajet perempuan melayu terakhir paling sopan la tu kan?..haha...hiburan ala2 bowling,tengok movie semua tu hanya akan dibuat bila tension tahap meletop KEBABOOM!!...tapi sekarang ni tengah tension suam2 kuku kaki ja....jadi melepaskan tension ala2 minyak masak cap murni..kehkehkeh...

Erm..otak tengah tak betul juga ni..entahla pasal apa...pasal lama tinggal ibadat kot...kwang3....sekarang ni tengah runsing memikirkan future plan yang masih diawang-awangan...katanya tahun depan nak tunang dah...orang tunang happy,aku nak tunang ni takut...takut apa?takut la jadi tunang orang....banyak hati kena jaga...perangai ni pun cam budak2 lagi...aduyai~my financial pon cam terkontang kanting nak urus...ada kenal mana2 tauke balak nak amik anak angkat perempuan??..haha!...

Tetiba teringin nak jadi model sambilan.model katik!...boleh duit masyuk...persoalannya sekarang....LAYAK ker???...sendiri mau jawab....

model spek mato itam!

Adeh....xmau merapu dah...mau layan blues jap!oh~~~~~eh!sambil2 tu aku hidangkan korang gamba2 sekitar lawatan aku ke umah makcik ku di Bunut,Tenom....cantik pemandangannya...nak amik wedding photoshoot d sini pon boleh..indah sekali =D

bunga katung...dont know standard name.

jambatan gantung~

baek punyer control...hahaha...babai!
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