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eh,dulu kau kurus!Sekarang kau.....

dont speak!i never been concern about my body shape till last week.everybody, almost everybody i know, who got to see me now and then, they compare and here is the conclusion: Neesa, punggung ko besar!
Demmit! there is no use to feel sorry went out almost every night had dinner n sometimes supper~ now is the time to take action!Alhamdulillah, my perception towards foods intake and calories they contain had already change. Maybe, its fair enough to say i understand that i should eat suit to my daily activity.Back then i was worried about my weigh but now im being fussy about my big booty and bloated belly.Its definitely not a right to be for a bride to be.Luckily i still have time to back in shape. I must make it happen! For a start, i already:

  1. skip dinner as i dont really do much activity at night.
  2. jog and walk at the sport complex every evening.
  3. sit up for 20-30 mins per day.
  4. only take small portion every meal.
Now my weight is still 56kg and my belly is.......30++ inch...ya i know!buncit gila kan?!i look like preg mom yang 3 months punya.sad fact.this is my 1st week..will continue with 2nd...3rd...4th..see ya!

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