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accepting me~

first of all, dear friends..thanks for the comments n concern...im sorry coz i was too overeacted towards the problem i was facing. its a about something which always hard for me to resist. i pray to Allah s.w.t each day to help me grow stronger spiritually n emotionally to fight the demand of evil side of me..

that particular day, i've failed.fail to do what?only two person n Allah s.w.t know.

It is hurt, really hurt, when something we know it is wrong to do and dont want to do but in the end we do just because our stupidity,idiocy ruling our mind.anyone to blame?point the finger to ourselves...as a result..depress!...

when we are in depress...dont stay alone..you will go crazy!..mingle around as Hambamaya had said...it really works in helping me handle such depression case...nway, hope this problem wont go beyond this...

I pray for it...

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