Hey!look here =)


Como esta?! Muy bien! =D

hye smua!ya i know Korean Pop a.k.a K-pop is a phenomenon these days...youngsters wanna dress up like one, make hair-do like one, dance like one, try hard to be cute like one or make an effort to learn the language,korean language.. but this time i beg to be differ....despite all this k-pop fever, i wanna talk about Espanol!..hehe...why out of sudden because in future i wanna go there!...hahaha....hey,lets learn some spanish word!...simple one! are u ready?....

Como esta?
How are u?

Muy Bien

tengo gripe/estoy malo
i'm having flu

tengo una amigo(male)/amiga(female)
i have male friend/women friend

Su nombre es..........
His/her name is.........



i have

tengo 24 aƱos y soy de malaysia
im 24 years old and im from malaysia

Now lets try!

tengo novio. su nombre es saiful aswad... =P could u figure out the meaning??

LIKE! if u r not spanish!hehe

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