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entry lucah sangat2!

today 2nd of July...is the day a butterfly breaking out of cocoon..........

part ni la yang paling lucah sebab rama-rama tak pakai baju~

as this is my 1st year of being teacher...actually for 7months..this is the best day i must say!...everybody gave their best to make sure the event run smoothly..and i've successfully overcome my low self confidence.....so our motto from now on~HAD FUN WHILE YOU CAN!

at the moment, im so ready to move on....what happened in the past no one could ever changed and they remain as truth....what we had today is something that we can work on and they remain as our decision but what will be happened tomorrow we may never know unless expect certain things...so they remain as mystery and destiny of our life....i miss my past but my future is waiting for me to lay the brush....so i'd choose the colour...i want it to be C.O.L.O.U.R.F.U.L!!!!!!!!

p/s: saja pakai title BIKIN PANAS sebab ramai sangat cari entry lucah dalam blog saya.HAHA.

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