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crack it

im writing back again..its far from my intention to get attentions or comments from those who read this blog..

Yeah..i used to have readers but nowadays i believe no one will read this.

This blog is like a piece of canvas where i create the wo
rld i dream of...it filled with true stories of my daily life...its not a blog that most blogger will have it in their bloglist...but who cares..i am satisfi

Gosh..im mumbling....

im asking myself..hows life?

Well..many things happened...i'm a teacher, i'm a warden, students always mistakenly thought i'm a student too because i look younger than i should..or maybe just because the personality alone....dont bother..i have to live with it...

I think i already adapt my new nest...and alhamdulillah..i know everything happens for a reason...so despite all the problems and tests for bein
g a warden...i know im livin in the name of FREE OF CHARGE...i dont have to pay for rent...and bills!...FREE.

about me n him...we have bigger plan going on..ohya...last february he had made his first trip to my hometown...alhamdulillah we all had a great
time...and i accept a green light from my parents...or so called approval about having him for the rest of my life...so..thats why we are now making a plan to the next step...better be serious...coz marriage is not a joke.

him:showing his injury

huh...specifically today i adopt a kitten...i miss my kittens back home...and live all alone in that house sometime killing me softly...i feel like dumbass for not having any living creatures other than myself and cockroaches in that house...so i think by adopting this kitten might solve the problem... =)

I think thats all for now...


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