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Deep down i always believe i can be a good writer.. i can fascinate people with my writing and stories i have in hand...but...THERE IS ALWAYS A BUT...the word 'but' ni pun sudah rasa macam ada obstacle..i need to say this...BUT..my inspiration is not around...i need that pulse!....today i've done nothing much..just bloghopping n reading...not blogshopping ok...its...blog hopping...hop from blog to blog..and i came across with few good blogs...im impressed and deep down...(lagi2 guna deep down..haha) i wish i can be like them!....but! lately..."DONT COMPARE" is a strong word that really affects me. It's a point to ponder...termenung saya berfikir.dont compare like they got better life than i do..like they happier than i am...they luckier than i am...DONT COMPARE...im looking at myself...im glad i was born as a girl, the only daughter, i got a JOB..teacher pulak tu...one of the noble job i can say...i can write, i can read, i can speak, i can eat normally, i can be considered healthy but no so healthy lifestyle.hehe.im a lover n believer.i got a guy who gonna love me even if im a dark, fat, short girl.my family are with me through thick n thin.I got best best bestfriend in the world who always besides me.I laugh out loud.I cry hard when im sad which means my emotions respond well.sometimes they fail me.haha.I can drive. Mount Kinabalu sudah ku tawan, Gua sudah ku selusuri. I can freely speak out my thoughts.so why COMPARE kan?....

So, next time if u are jealous with someone's life and wish u can be in that person shoes...DONT COMPARE...look within urself...thanks for the reminder!!it means a lot........ =)

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ehsan berkata...

npa mcm c azim d blakang skali th? hahaha

Juliet_iRa~" berkata...


cuba usaha utk buat sm mcm y org y kita jeles tu..:)

neesa_jun berkata...

ehsan: bukan dia la..perangai time bergambar ja lebih kurang sama..haha

juliet_ira: tu la...jeles yg positif! =)

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