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Note 1

I keep this quote in my blog...so in future..my daughters n sons can read this and understand it....

We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between :

a man who flatters her & a man who compliments her,

a man who spends money on her & a man who invests in her,

a man who views her as property & a man who views her properly,

a man who lusts after her & man who loves her,

a man who believes he’s a gift to women & a man who believes she’s a gift to him..

And then we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man..

Credit to a person who write this..

p/s: itupun kalau blogspot masih ada la.. ='( sedih...semua entry aku di Yahoo 360 kena telan internet...tidak dijumpai d mana-mana...hurmmmmmmmm

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