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What 2011 mean to me?

It means a lot...i learned A LOT!..it doesnt mean years before that i dont learned but this year is another turning point of life...GREAT TURNING POINT...maybe next year i will say it again.HAHAHA!..

1st: Teach.

Being a teacher is not an easy thing.At some point i was so frustrated with myself..i cant control my students..students cant give back the answer i've expected...i feel like a loser standing in front of the class n keep nagging and show fierce face towards my students. I was hungry for their attention..but from time to time..i step back..observe senior teachers around me and the students too..how and why they do it...psychology is important. maybe i need to learn more facts for subject i teach in future.lack on that part too.and JOKES.who doesnt like jokes?? =) and know the right time to show them whose the BOSS since i confront with naughty kids.

2nd: Responsible.

Working in organisation, having a boss, colleagues makes me take RESPONSIBILITY seriously. I used to take it lightly but NOW!i got it straight to my face if i take it lightly im not the only 1 who gets affected but almost the whole organisation!gosh!im super dead if i do that again..so i learned a lesson.Do whatever I got to do.


Love is suck!..hahahahaha. dont u dare ask me to clarify that.its clear and straight to the point =). but maybe u can put "sometimes" at the end of it.nicer.


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BeesKuwt Marie berkata...

neesa nih cg ke?waaa....boleh la saya mintak tunjuk ajar akan datang ye :)

neesa_jun berkata...

yup...saya cikgu. =) ok..boleh saja...

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