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True Color

"Eh, ingatkan pendiam...tapi agak nates (read it backward) juga ko ni"
"Wa..nampak ja baik...tapi kepoh juga makcik ni..."
" Napa baik sangat eh??...semulajadi ka buat-buat?"
"Eh.ingat alim..rupa-rupanya bertanduk juga"

I got that alot...dari dulu sampai sekarang..dari zaman sekolah sampailah zaman kerja.

I dont know..if people see me as im playing hypocrite game here...well i am not.this is me.I am not that type of person who become so friendly and bubbly during 1st meeting..well..depends...all this 'nates', 'kepoh', 'tanduk' what ever u call it is in me....and i love to show it with people that i am comfortable with...

And each of us has dark secret..well..u will be less human if u say u dont have one. As saying that..i do have particular secrets which i only share with people i SUPER SUPER TRUST...im abit saddened when people i trust says as if im pretending being alim when im not..

Im not to be alim...im no angel...ma'sum..im not free from making mistakes...i do write about religion..i do talk about it...practising it when i do and i do advice and remind some people in my life regarding religion...yeah..just advice and remind but not preach i guess....

Im a mess frankly speaking...i got stumbled more than thousand times..i repent and i did the wrong thing again and again...im going crazy over it...all i want is inner-peace within me.so i try to find it in religion...i havent found so called inner peace yet..i dont really know if it really exists..but im trying.that is what bring me closer to my religion.that is why maybe i look alim..but im not.im not here to confess but just to clarify things..i am as u see i am.

Two of my friends in Uni contact me today...they miss me i guess.Isnt that good out of sudden ur friends come and ask sincerely how do you do? =) do that often if u say yes.

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@Fr!^n@ berkata...

u are what u are neesa... persetankan ape orang nak kata pada kita.. sesungguhnya yang cantik di luar tu tak semestinya cantik di dalam.. we just know who we are.. so biarkan orang nak cakap apa.. :)

take care lil one.. :) xoxo

A retarded kitty berkata...

biarkan mereka, asalkan kita tahu siapa diri kita okaylah kan?

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