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What 2011 mean to me (part 2)


This might be the hardest part coz im kinda stubborn person. I barely listen to others' opinion if dont agree with them..BIG GRIN!...kadang2 sampai ketap gigi tahan hati yang sedang geram.Tapi at the same time i try to listen and understand wha they have to say...well..this is still my big problem..i refuse to listen but insyaAllah i try to be more patient and

5. Appreciate

Compliment is something that i keep within myself..so i learn people love some appreciation..show it or at least say it...my students like it...

Late!rushing!...still rushing....sigh....buku masih belum bertemu dengan ruas!

actually there are lot more things but i suddenly lost the momentum to continue this entry...wishing everybody HAPPY NEW YEAR...SEE YA NEXT YEAR...ASSALAMUALAIKUM...

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